Welcome to Tranquility Villa | Port Antonio | Jamaica

Tranquility Villa is the perfect hideaway for those who want a private villa

with exceptional views, great service and a casual feel.  


Lounge pool side, gaze out at the ocean from your living room or front porch ...

or watch the colors change over the Blue Mountains from your bedroom balcony.


You couldn't find a better place to relax, and enjoy the beautiful views that

Jamaica and only Port Antonio can offer. Imagine waking up to the sun streaming

in the patio door...Sit up and look out over a panoramic tropical vista of the Blue Mountains and warm Caribbean Sea...You get out of bed, and sit out on the deck, watching the hummingbirds feeding on the masses of beautiful flowers, and listening to Nature...Your cook brings you a sumptuous breakfast for two, as your partner joins you on the pool. 


As you start to eat, you discuss what you want to do today.

And there is plenty to do in and around Port Antonio